Sunday, December 4, 2011

"King" now available at Pseudopod

The flash story "King" is now available over at Pseudopod! Again, they have done a great job producing the story. Much thanks to V. O. Bloodfrost for the excellent reading. The story is part of a flash fiction collection titled "It's War!" and is collected along with the stories "Number 21 Rue le Sueur" by Edward McDermott and "War" by Aaron Ashley Garrison.

Listen to the stories HERE.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"The High Priest" Nominated for a Parsec!

Recently I was notified that some sufficiently ghoulish, yet certainly awesome, person (or creature...) has nominated "The High Priest" for a Parsec Award for best audio fiction in short form! Thanks to Barry Northern, R. E. Chambliss, Abigail Hilton, Bob Eccles and Nox Arcana for all their effort in producing this amazing episode!

Fingers (and tentacles) crossed that it will win!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"The High Priest" and Modern Lit

For anyone who is interested, I thought I might write a little about "The High Priest" regarding my thoughts while writing it and a little bit of response to some of the comments it has generated.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

High Priest Artwork

Barry was kind enough to use the rather amaturish piece I drew for "The High Priest" depicting Ardan St. Cygnus and Bethany Eves. His computerized sorcery has made it pleasant to look at, but here's the full piece in its undilluted glory for those who wish to see it.

Fullcast of "The High Priest" at Cast Macabre

Tremble in fear, mortals! Castmacabre has produced a piece of audio sorcery so black that your sanity will be shattered with each hypnotic syllable.

With all seriousness, this is the most amazing podcast I have ever heard. I am absolutely blown away by Barry's unspeakably amazing production of this piece. The narration is beyond description. I usually squirm a little when listening to my own work being read, but for this one I was literally held spellbound. R.E. Chambliss' narration was spot on - cruel, enrapturing and seductive. Abigail Hilton of Cowry Catchers fame nails Bethany's blind hatred - and Bob Eccles IS Ardan!

Music has once again been kindly provided by none other than Nox Arcana.

Words fail me when describing this production, so listen to it yourself HERE.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Issue #1 of Bete Noire out now!

In case anyone desires to read "What they Consumed" by the most loathsome Helmut Finch, it is available in print in issue #1 of Bete Noire. You can also listen to Castmacabre's amazing audio production of the story here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Story "Cloven Hooves" Available in Print!

Just when you thought it was safe: the latest tale of horror emerges from the shadows. It will make you scream and - if you're sick enough - it might just make you laugh.

My new short story "Cloven Hooves" is available in print in issue #6 of Title Goes Here Magazine. You can purchase the issue HERE.